The Bellmont

Chapter 1 – In the fall of 2011, Capitol Salvage was made aware of a lot of salvaged cabinetry from a circa 1830 home, designed and built by renowned architect, Benjamin Asher in Belmont, MA. The house was constructed for Mr. John Perkins Cushing. The owner, an heir to a huge import business fortune, had a 40 room mansion built, The Bellmont. The home was dismantled and torn down in the 1920′s to make way for a schoolhouse. The cabinetry that was salvaged came out of a circular library on the first floor. The pictures shown here in the photographs are of the cabinets prior to their dismantling.

Chapter 2 – After acquiring the cabinetry and components, Capitol Salvage began the restoration process by hiring Prestige Woodworking, Inc. (Manchester, CT) to help restore the cabinets. Working with Prestige Woodworking, the cabinets were sorted through to identify what components belonged with which cabinets. There were seven upper sections of cabinets saved and five bases. The pictures here in Chapter 2 show the first cabinet (identified as base #4) as the first to be restored.

Chapter 3 – (early 2013). Two of the Bellmont cabinets were restored in late 2011 through May 2012. The two restoration projects completed in partnership by Prestige Woodworking & Capitol Salvage totaled just under 500 hours of work and craftsmanship. The two restored cabinets were shown at the Brimfield Antiques show (New England Motel field.) They garnered great interest and were quite stunning once placed side by side. There are six photographs shown here in this post, courtesy of DDrobney Photography that capture the beautiful craftsmanship, brought back to life by Prestige Woodworking.

SALE PRICE – it is the intention to secure a buyer for FIVE (5) restored cabinets. Cabinets 3, 4 & 5 are not yet restored and prior to their work commencing a contract will be worked with the new owner/buyer.
These cabinets measure 10′ 3″ high and are approximately 87-89″ across the face. Each cabinet has a slightly different depth. To the best of our ability we believe the radius for the cabinets to be 9.5.
If interested in discussing a purchase, please message or call Capitol Salvage: 860-798-8019 or
The two restored cabinets are currently located in our warehouse in Tolland, CT.

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